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Bitcoin-cli getinfo error couldn't connect to server

bitcoin-cli getinfo error couldn't connect to server

Of course, I restarted the administer node beforehand. The dataDir is on a USB stick that is mounted with: /dev/sda1 /home/pi/bitcoinData vfat. Netstat: sudo netstat -tulpn grep bitcoin gives: tcp 0 0 :8333 listen 620/bitcoind tcp6 0 0 :1:8332 listen 620/bitcoind tcp6 0 0 :8333 listen 620/bitcoind'.

bitcoin-cli getinfo error couldn't connect to server

Exe -server -rest -rpcport54352 -rpcuseradmin -rpcpasswordadmin123. Until the crash this worked fine. Here's where i'm at so far, roughly 24 hours into. I prefer to use PuTTY, if at all possible. (so I am connecting to a local address port). And here are my details from Bitnodes: User Agent: /Satoshi:0.14.0 protocol Version: 70015 Services: node_network, node_bloom, node_witness (13) Height: 426397 (92.81).

Edit : Lastly, how difficult is it to copy/move the blockchain, 100GB download, either to a new VM, or new physical disk (currently.vdi)? TCP :54352 :0 listening, however, trying to connect with bitcoin-cli using this command:.bitcoin-cli. SLsl  4:34 multichaind test_coin -rpcport47047 -port60098 -daemon 22441? . What can be the reason, and how can I work around? My nf is: rpcuserxxx rpcpasswordxxx listen1 server1 dbcache50 daemon1 testnet0 maxuploadtarget200.

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